What’s on the Horizon?

Sometime during the last year, it was decided that the time had come for our family to make a change.  Originally, our thoughts were to build a new house and begin farming on the remains of my grandparent’s farm.  As we realized the expense of building a new home, it became a little clearer that we may need to look at the possibility of buying an existing farm.  Instead of building a new home, we could buy a home and a decent amount of land.  The difficult part is trying to find something that will fit our family and farming needs.

With the plan of buying a farm, we decided it was important that we live on the land we would be farming.  To make that happen, our house must sell before we purchase something different.  Two and a half weeks ago, we took the necessary step and had our house listed on the local real estate market.  It is a little hard to see that little sign in the yard and knowing that we must keep the house clean, because someone may want to see the house any day of the week.

This house has been a home for our family for just under 14 years.  When we bought this house our son was 6 months old and we added a daughter about 6 years later.  Our family has experienced all kinds of feelings here.  This house has taught us to survive, to work, to enjoy each other, and most of all to love.  However, with all the memories we have from here, we can see change is on the horizon.

This farming expedition that we are looking to start isn’t going to be something we stop our current careers for, so it will basically be a hobby farm.  Being that we aren’t currently farmers and have little knowledge of what we are getting into, we are going to have to change the mindset of our family.  As this process begins, I wanted a way to document what we experience, whether it be good, bad, or otherwise.  That is where this blog is rooted and hopefully where it will stay.  This is just a way for us to remember what we have experienced through the process, and to hopefully help us not to make the same mistakes twice.

Until next time…..